Website of the Week

September 19

  1. In order to be successful as a Communications Major, or really any major, it is important use innovative means to get noticed and land a career. This is especially important in video production because of the competitiveness of this particular area.
  2. A good way to search for jobs is by using a QR code to market yourself. A QR code is a new version of the bar code that can direct information instantly into a smartphone.
  3. Using a QR code, you can direct hiring employers straight to your website or blog. It is important in this case to not only use a QR code but to also a URL
  4. Include a QR code on the back of your business card for quick and easy access for potential employers.
  5. It is important to add into your blog site a “Hire Me” page that is clearly visible and easy for potential employers to see.



September 26

  1. Concerning my particular major in video production, working for Scroll or Scroll digital can help me to gain experience and deal with real life transactions between customers.
  2. Working for Scroll Digital can Help put into practice not only journalism skills, but also camera and video editing skills.
  3. The I-Comm Agency is student run and full-service advertising and public relations agency. They create documentaries, ads, commercials, and other things in order to help students to not only gain experience, but to help them network for future careers.
  4. There are multiple projects for students involved in this agency which are fast-paced, and require extreme commitment.
  5. This agency also is available on twitter, facebook, and other social websites which help to market each student’s skills.



October 3

  1. AP has bee giving news reports since 1846, and has lasted this long because of it’s adaptability to technological advancement.
  2. Since 2005, AP has been able to use the web in order to bring the news more efficiently in today’s modern society, which is more technologically based than it has ever been in the past.
  3. AP has won various awards for it’s use of photography and photojournalism.
  4. AP has made use of text media along side audio and visual media. The writers of each article also are involved in the editing of the video and audio aspects of each story.
  5. AP offers internships for students that apply to three key aspects: news, business and technology.


October 10

1. Best photos from Comm 370 Digital Imaging:

2. Digital Imaging student blog: On the right side you get links to all the Digital Imaging student blogs:

3. Sample students websites from Comm 462 Adv Visual Media:

4. Photographics Society – Current student work:

5. Photoshop World Website – We take the top 20 students each fall to this professional conference in Las Vegas!


  1. The main thing I found interesting about these websites was that they all presented the student or teachers work in a very clean cut manner, showing off exactly what they are capable of in their particular field of work.
  2. Using a web or blog page is a good way to advertize what yourself to future clients as well as to future employers.
  3. In digital imaging, it is important to know what it is that you want to capture in a particular frame in order to highlight a certain emotion from the viewer. In my major, I need to take that into account as well, since in video production we do the same thing when deciding what to show our audience.
  4. These websites have presented a good template for how I should do a similar kind of blog for the videos that I will produce in the future.
  5. When studying about advertizing, the visual aspect is very important. In the visual media department at BYU-I, students learn how to best use this concept in order to present products in a desirable way to the general public. 


October 17

  1. In any major, this site is very helpful in helping a person to get through a job interview alright and end up on top with a career in hand. An interview is the process of selecting the best candidate for a position.
  2. The main thing that needs to be shown in an interview is confidence. You must be able to impress the interviewer with your experience, skill set, and educational background, you need to know about the job that you are applying for and then ask yourself if this is the job that you want, and then you need to be able to convince the interviewer that you are the most qualified for the job.
  3. Know as much about the position that you are applying for as possible. Know what line of business your getting into, how many years it’s been in the business market, and whether or not you would like to work there in the first place.
  4. Always be prepared to answer the more detailed questions, especially during the second interview.
  5. When talking about salary negotiations, let the employer make the first offer. The offer should be within expected salary ranges. If not, then respectfully discuss bonuses, salary reviews, insurance, and retirement funds.


October 24

  1. This Organization is dedicated to helping  students to shape the general public opinion. It’s another way to practice and develop journalism skills on and off the camera.
  2. PRSSA offers a variety of different opportunities for students including internships, and scholarships.
  3. Whatever major you are in, PRSSA offers member benefits that help broaden educational opportunities, make it easier to network, and to launch a successful career.
  4. PRSSA expands to almost every practice area, including entertainment and multimedia production, as well as corporate or governmental functions.
  5. This website allows you to search for particular chapters nationwide in order to expand learning even further with a huge array of mentors and networking friends.


October 31

  1. AAF is affiliated with some major companies in order to advertise their products, such as Mary Kay, and even Disney.
  2. This website is very applicable to my particular major, because in the realm of advertisement, video production is one of the most sought after form of advertisement that reaches a wide audience of potential customers.
  3. AAF is also involved in Multicultural programs that include educational and governmental programs that expand advertising practices on a large worldwide scale.
  4. AAF also provides educational opportunities to help rear up the next generation of professional advertisers working with over 200 college chapters worldwide.
  5. Advertising on a national level includes local or state advertizing, and putting staff face to face with influential lawmakers.


November 7

  1. This website makes it easier for you to plan out the rest of your college experience until you finally graduate by listing what classes are needed in order to earn your degree.
  2. All classes are listed on the left hand side of the page along with how many credits they are worth.
  3. There is a add semester button at the very bottom of the screen if extra semesters are needed in order to complete the requirements of a particular major.
  4. When a grad plan is done, it must be saved, submitted, and approved.
  5. It is not just enough to make a grad plan and then forget about it later. Sometimes, things within the grad plan need to be switched around according to the students needs.


November 14

  1. Time and Date is a news website that keeps track of a various amount of information iincluding the time, date, weather conditions and other sources of information of the same kind.
  2. This website may be useful for things such as vacation planning, whether the weather in a certain area is well or safe enough to travel into or not, and in order to tell the time in different parts of the world.
  3. This website looks as though it was made more for a hand held device than for an actual computer, advertising weather apps and other products of this nature.
  4. I think a good use for this website on a professional level would be keeping track of different employees and meetings in different timezones in order to do business more efficiently.
  5. At a journalist’s stand point, this website is useful to pinpoint the same aspects as before mentioned in order to give the best quality performance in reporting a certain story.


November 21

  1. This part of the BYU-I school website is designed to help students keep track of important events on and off campus that are particular to the communications or business majored students.
  2. There is a sidebar that includes a number of useful resources for students, including Academic Discovery, College Summits, Student Awards, Mentors, Networking, and other things.
  3. This part of the site also includes a calender of upcoming events and opportunities for communication and business students.
  4. This page is updated frequently according to semester.
  5. There is also a list of important links that are beneficial for students highlighting competitions and learning opportunities for students in this major.

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