So close to the End!!!

Last week, I got busy editing this video like mad! I got it to the point where I only really need to film one last thing, and then add music. The last hing that I need to film is the Vox Pop. Now, I already did film a few Vox Pops asking people what they thought of when someone mentioned the words “Cafe Rio” or “Taco Tuesday” to them, but when it came time to edit them into the documentary they were unusable. I used lav mics during the interview, and I guess they didn’t work very well because the audio turned out to be horrible. It might have been a blessing in disguise though, since most of the interviews turned out to be really awkward anyway. What did I learn from this? Use better audio equipment, and make sure that the people feel comfortable talking to you with a camera on.

Next time, I’ll be recording my audio on an H1 Zoom and  a boom mic.

As for how the documentary is doing in post, I think it’s doing pretty well. I got lots of footage the other week of the employees doing their thing, and the story is really starting to take shape. After the vox pop is done, all I’ll need is to find the right music, and I think we’ll be good to go.


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