First Interview… DONE


This week, I was able to record my first interview with Julie. Up above is one still from the footage we got. My friend Tom came along with me and we brought along two cameras: an XA10 and a T3i, a Lavaliere Mic, and a Boom Mic (just in case). We performed the interview at her apartment complex in the lobby since she felt that her apartment would be too small for it to happen there.

The interview went really well. It was very laid back, and she didn’t seem nervous at all to talk to me. We’ve known each other for a while, and so our interview didn’t feel so much like an interview as much as it did a conversation. There just happened to be cameras on.

Her interview will be the main story telling aspect of the documentary. I’ll be transcribing the interview later during the next week, and we’ll have most of the B-roll ready to go soon as well.

Also, as a quick side note, I got back with Cafe Rio and they told me that they had no problem with me filming them work from the dining area but they didn’t want me to go into the kitchens at all. All filming will have to be done on the customer’s side of the counter.


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