Filming two videos at a time.


Filming this documentary is going to be a tough one for me, since I will be filming and editing this project at the same time as my Senior Project video. That means I’m filming both a short film and the Café Rio documentary back to back. That being said I’m chomping at the bit to get this started.

Right after a successful shoot with my Senior Project Crew, I stopped by both the Northpoint apartments (although, I think I’ll have to meet up with them earlier and on a weekday), and I met with the manager of the Northpoint Café Rio. We swapped information with each other, and she said that she’ll check with corporate to see if it’ll be okay to include Café Rio in a documentary. Later on, I hope to get in contact with one of the employees who works there on Tuesdays to use as the subject of documentary. I think that following around an employee, observing them in their normal day (not only in the restaurant) would help the audience latch onto the story of the video pretty well. I’ll continue the hunt.


I’m filming a Documentary


This semester at BYU-Idaho, I will be creating an 8 minute documentary, and it will be about the Café Rio restaurant that is located right next to the BYU-Idaho stadium. I’ve noticed that ever since the store opened up here, that every Tuesday, they are slammed with customers from campus around 2:55pm, which is right after devotional ends. I’m going to try to interview both employees and managers of this restaurant to see how they handle this weekly onslaught, and will try to capture the feelings they have as the customers come pouring in.

I was told that if this documentary turns out to be good enough, they may have some room to put this on TV! That alone gets me excited for this project, not to mention all of the awesome sequences that have already in mind for shooting!